23-year old Avalon Young is a singer-songwriter whose talents and experience far outweigh her years.

Quickly learning that her love for music was intertwined with her love for writing, she dropped out of college in 2013 to dedicate all of her time to the music. Young’s journey through the industry has since been steadfast, and the breadth of her experience only adds to her artistry as a writer and musician.

Shortly after leaving college, she released her first EP—an acoustic, self-written tape. Since then, Young’s dedication to her craft has allowed her to grow in all areas of her career; from writing for other artists in multiple genres, expanding her fan base by becoming a Top 8 Finalist on American Idol’s Farewell Season, releasing an additional EP, and performing all across the country on tour with fellow emerging artists Xavier Omar, Jeff Bernat, and Joyce Wrice, her experiences are more than most at the age of 23.

Most recently, the release of her latest album Shift hit #2 on the iTunes R&B Album Charts, adding yet another swing of momentum to an already blooming career. 

Young’s music consists of relatable stories with an added layer of vulnerability––feeling poetic, simplistic, and bold all at once. Her voice feels unmistakably natural, and her effortless vocals leave you intrigued to hear not only her range, but also what she has to say.

Having spent years honing her craft, Young’s keen ability to write relatable, raw, beyond-the-surface lyrics builds a direct connection between her and her listeners, allowing you to see the true power of her penmanship. Her infectiously smooth vocals only add wings to her writing talents, making Avalon Young a true musical triple threat whose career is bound to fly.